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Microsoft Terminates MS Office Anti-Piracy Tool

For those of you who dislike the pesky anti-piracy measures used by software companies, here's good news: Microsoft will discontinue its program of additional anti-piracy monitoring for its MS Office software. A few years ago Microsoft introduced ... Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), an anti-piracy measure that checked the validity of user operating systems by dialing into their computers. PCs found to be running illegal copies of Windows had their operating system desktop screen turned black with a message that their PC may be running counterfeit software. Microsoft Office Genuine Advantage ... (view more)

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Kill WGA with the BigFix

I've been hearing a lot of hype about this Windows Genuine Advantage program. I especially liked Brandon Dimmels articles about it here at Infopackets (see "Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Under Fire"). I don't like programs that needlessly contact ... their home websites to report on me. Many people call that "Spyware" and I also agree that WGA fits the description. It's taken a little while for me to figure out what to do about WGA. The funny thing to me is that I've had the "Fix" on my PC for a long time. Here's what I've done ... Install BigFix Turn off automatic downloading of Windows ... (view more)

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Microsoft Fights Piracy with PopUp Notifications

Is Microsoft spying on you? The Redmond-based company will soon release a major update to their 'Windows Genuine Advantage' (WGA) program. The update will include an alert mechanism that informs users if they are using a pirated copy of Windows ... software. 1 Once installed, the Windows Genuine Advantage program beams popup notifications directly to the desktop. The notification will continue to pop up until your computer is running genuine Microsoft Windows. When you receive this message, you are left with the following two options: 1. You can click Resolve now to start the Get genuine Windows ... (view more)

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