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Explained: What is Mesh WiFi? vs Extender, Router?

Ask online about ways to improve the Internet connection around your home, and you'll often come across users recommending that you use a "mesh WiFi" system. So, what is mesh WiFi? Is mesh WiFi better than regular WiFi? What about mesh vs an ... extender, or mesh vs a router? How does mesh compare to Google Nest? How do you set up a mesh Wifi network? We'll answer those questions and more below. Related: How to Fix: Stop Neighbors Stealing My WiFi Related : Are you looking for the best possible way to extend the WiFi signal in your home , but don't have the technical expertise? Tired of ... (view more)

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Which Processor is Better: Intel or AMD? - Explained

Infopackets Reader Bob C. writes: " Dear Dennis, Which processor is better: Intel or AMD? The reason I ask is that my laptop is roughly 6 years old and it's time for me to purchase a new one. That said, I can't seem to find the definitive answer as ... to which processor I should get for my next laptop. AMD seems to have cheaper processors, whereas Intel processors are usually always much more expensive. Can you shed light on which processor is better? " My Response: Update 20180620 : I have updated this article to include new information considering AMD's Ryzen line of ... (view more)

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Intel Cuts Chip Prices After Rough Fourth Quarter

Sometimes a recession has its benefits. Some retailers have little choice but to drop their prices in a desperate attempt to win that hard-fought consumer dollar. Take the case of Intel, which recently revealed that it will be dropping the prices of ... several of its popular microprocessors. On the chopping block is the popular high-end Core 2 Quad processors for desktop computers (roughly 4x the power of a single processor chip) and the company's Xeon line of chips, specifically engineered for single-socket servers. Officially, the cuts stem from a desire to clear out inventory space for a ... (view more)

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Wireless router versus wireless phone?

Infopackets Reader Chris W. writes: " Dear Dennis, I'm having a little problem running my wireless laptop PC. It seems every time someone in my home picks up one of the cordless phone, the Internet service from the Linksys is interrupted. The ... Linksys router is attached to my sons desktop computer. Do you any solution to this problem? " My response: Unfortunately, I'm still using old technology which requires me to use wires to connect more than one computer to my router. I did, however, forward this question to Jake Ludington and he was able to shed some insight. Jake comments: ... (view more)

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