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Swap Health Records with Google, Family, Friends

Google has released a new feature for their Google Health service that allows users to share their online health records with specified friends, doctors and family members. Google Health is a service that allows users to input their medical data ... into an online system. The system merges all separate records into one centralized account for the user. Since it uses the Internet to collect data, Google Health also gathers information on medical conditions and interactions between drugs and allergies. (Source: ) Google Health for Friends and Family Before the feature was introduced, only ... (view more)

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IBM Joins Google For Wireless Healthcare

Google has reached a deal with IBM to enhance its medical data system, Google Health. IBM will provide technology to allow users to update their records in real-time through Internet-connected medical devices. The technology involves fitting WiFi ... radio connections to tools such as heart rate monitors or blood sugar measurement meters. The data will then sync with their computer and automatically update their records in the Google Health service. The scheme, announced in 2007 and formally launched in May last year, allows users to store their medical records online and import details from ... (view more)

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