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Scientists: Table Salt to Increase Storage Density

A tandem of researchers in Singapore claim to have discovered a way to use table salt as a means to increase the density at which bits of data can be stored on a hard disk drive platter. Early projections indicate that this 'salty' method is ... actually 5 times more efficient than current hard disk densities. The method was first introduced by Joel Yang, a scientist at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) at Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research. Yang was able to hone his method using an extremely high-resolution e-beam lithography -- the same process by ... (view more)

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Hoongle: Google-like Search + Rice for World Hunger

A trio of undergraduate students at the University of Richmond have developed a custom search engine that will be used to help feed those in the developing world . The three students have created, a custom Google search engine that ... promises to donate 20 grains of rice per search to schools located in impoverished countries. The search engine has already generated more than 8.5 million grains of rice (about 4,000 meals) since it was introduced this past September. (Source: ) Of course, online clicks alone cannot put food in the mouths of people overseas. The Hoongle ... (view more)

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