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Apple, Microsoft Targeted for Use of 'Dirty' Power

Environmental organization Greenpeace has issued a widespread warning about the technology used to host the Internet. According to Greenpeace, much of the online space is dependent on 'dirty' power. The group says that some of the largest web firms ... are intentionally moving their servers and other power-hungry facilities to geographical areas that can provide cheaper, although more environmentally harmful sources of electricity. The criticisms were recently published in a report titled: "How Clean Is Your Cloud?" The title is a reference to the current emphasis on cloud computing , ... (view more)

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Greenpeace Slams Apple for Poor Environmental Record

You'd think a company named after a fruit would be particularly adept at marketing products that are safe for the environment. Not so in the case of Apple, who once again has been targeted by Greenpeace in the latter's tenth Guide to Greener ... Electronics. According to a recent advertisement airing on American TV, Apple's new Macbooks (well-received by most technology critics) are "The world's greenest family of notebooks." This particular ad shirks many other features that make the Macbook so great, including its processing, memory, and graphics powers. It seems an indication that the ... (view more)

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Greenpeace Slams Apple

Greenpeace, largely considered to be the most popular environmental advocacy group in North America, has publicly accused Apple of knowingly selling products made from a number of hazardous chemicals that could be decomposed into harmful pollutants. ... The iPhone is considered to be the least "environment-friendly" of the Apple products currently available on the market. If these mobile devices are thrown away at a non-designated disposal site, the results could be severely hazardous to the environment. Greenpeace explained that Apple was well aware of the hazardous chemicals contained in the ... (view more)

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