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Amazon Offers Buy Now, Pay Later Kindle Plan

Amazon is offering would-be buyers of its Kindle Fire HDX tablet the option to pay in four installments. The plan doesn't include any interest or added fees. The plan only applies to the Kindle Fire HDX , the most expensive version of the Kindle. ... Ordinarily it costs $229 for the 7-inch version or $379 for the 8.9-inch version. Under the terms of the deal, you pay 25 per cent of the purchase price up-front. That's $57.25 for the 7-inch version and $94.75 for the 8.9-inch version. You'll also pay any applicable sales taxes and shipping. At the time of writing, the deal was only available to US ... (view more)

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HD Display Test: Kindle Fire HDX Beats iPad Air

A new study finds the iPad Air boasts some impressive display technology -- but its high-definition 'Retina' screen is not quite as impressive as the display built into Amazon's new Kindle Fire HDX tablet computer. The tests were carried out by ... DisplayMate Technologies, which examined the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX tablet and Apple's new iPad Air . The Air, which was unveiled by Apple at an October 22, 2013, press event, is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, the iPad 4. DisplayMate also took a look at Google's newest tablet, the Nexus 10. Kindle Fire HDX Boasts Best-Ever Tablet Display ... (view more)

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