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'SideSlide 3.5.18', and 'Wise Folder Hider 1.38.75'

SideSlide 3.5.18 SideSlide is a highly-customizable and accessible desktop extension tool. It allows you to clean up your desktop, making accessing your favorite files easier and faster than ever before. SideSlide uses containers and other ... innovative features to help you improve your productivity. http://www.northglide.com Wise Folder Hider 1.38.75 This program is designed to help you hide your most personal files and folders. It can be used with a personal computer or a removable device, like a portable hard drive or thumbstick USB drive. Folder Hider makes it easy to keep your personal data ... (view more)

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'Anvil Studio 2012.08.04', and 'Wise Folder Hider 1.23'

Anvil Studio 2012.08.04 Anvil Studio is a free software utility designed for people who want to record music with MIDI and audio equipment; compose music for MIDI and audio equipment; print sheet music from standard MIDI files; sequence music with ... MIDI equipment; and make music using a computer. http://www.anvilstudio.com Wise Folder Hider 1.23 Wise Folder Hider is a free file and folder hiding software tool. With it, users can hide computer files and folders on local hard drive partitions or on removable storage devices. Once hidden, the data can't be accessed by other programs. In fact, the ... (view more)

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'Software Virtualization Solution', and 'Panel Hider'

Software Virtualization Solution Altiris Software Virtualization Solution is a revolutionary approach to software management. By placing applications and data into managed units called Virtual Software Packages, Software Virtualization Solution ... allows you to instantly activate, deactivate or reset applications and to completely avoid conflicts between applications without altering the base Windows installation. http://www.svsdownloads.com/ Panel Hider The program can attach any desktop window to one of the screen edges and auto hide it. Hidden panels will work like the windows TaskBar, making ... (view more)

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'Panel Hider', and 'Jap'

Panel Hider Attach any desktop window to one of the screen edges and auto hide it like the windows TaskBar. http://hofi.fw.hu Jap JAP makes it possible to surf the internet anonymously. JAP uses a single static address which is shared by many JAP ... users; that way neither the visited website, nor an eavesdropper can determine which user visited which website. Instead of connecting directly to a web server, users take a detour, connecting with encryption through several intermediaries, so-called mixes. http://anon.inf.tu-dresden.de/index_en.html (view more)

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