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TWAIN compliant graphics editor?, Part 2

Recall -- A few weeks back, Infopackets Reader Brad B. asked if it was possible to transfer his digital camera photo software from his work computer to his home PC: " Dear Dennis, Many years ago, I bought a digital camera that came with the software ... program called 'Camedia'. Unfortunately my computer crashed last year and (worse yet) I can't find the CD to reinstall it on my PC! Before I lost the disc, I managed to install Camedia on the computer at work, and thankfully, it's still working fine. I have tried copying the Camedia files from the work computer to my home computer, but it won ... (view more)

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Play DVD recordable media in home DVD player?

Infopackets Readers Joel and Barbara G. write: " Hi Dennis! We read every issue of the newsletter and have got some very good tips and help. I have a question about DVD discs. I see that there many different types DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD RAM, and DVD RW. ... I am new to DVD burning and don't know which of the R types to use, the + or the -? I'm planning to copy all my old camcorder tapes to DVD so that I can play them on my home DVD player. What can you suggest? PS: Thanks for the great newsletters. " My response: Recall: As I mentioned in Saturday's newsletter , DVD media (+R or -R) can be ... (view more)


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