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Housewives Smuggling Apple iPads, iPhones: Report

Prosecutors in China say more than a dozen housewives have engaged in smuggling Apple iPhones and iPads in order to avoid paying sales taxes. A total of 26 people have now been charged with participating in a total of five distinct smuggling rings. ... Reports suggest the smugglers were supplying iPhones and iPads to Lanyo Shuma.com, one of the main electronics suppliers on Taobao Marketplace, China's version of eBay and Amazon. Lanyou Shuma.com was thrown out of the marketplace in April, 2012, amid a scandal over alleged smuggling of the iPhone 4S from Hong Kong. (Source: reuters.com ) High ... (view more)

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Google Uncensors Chinese Search Engine

Google has upped the ante in its dispute against China by uncensoring its previously censored search results. Officially, Google has not breached Chinese rules which insist on search results being filtered to remove content officials class as ... objectionable; this includes political information and viewpoints the government wants to suppress. Instead, Google has set its Chinese home page (google.cn) to route directly to Google's search tool via the Hong Kong version of the site (google.com.hk). It looks inevitable that China will simply block access to that site altogether. The government has ... (view more)

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