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Win7 Launch Party Finalists Announced, Plus Details

Microsoft has begun confirming which members of the public will be hosting Windows 7 Launch Parties . In return for holding the promotional event, hosts will get a free copy of the Ultimate edition of the new system. Microsoft is organizing the ... events through, a site known for coordinating corporate events. The hope is that enthusiastic Windows users will help promote the new system and convert any skeptics. Host Selection Process There has already been some confusion with the host selection process. Microsoft's plan was to send out an email to selected finalists, who were then ... (view more)

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Conceiva NetRanger Review

Synopsis: Want to know what's happening to your computer while it's connected to the Internet? Designed for both new and experienced users, NetRanger is *the ultimate* companion for getting detailed knowledge about your computer's network and about ... internet web sites, hosts and IP addresses -- and is also a fantastic tool for analyzing a potential Spyware attack! Advanced features such as ping, trace route, whois, host and port scanning, finger and POP mail checking are all integrated into an easy-to-use interface. If you're always on the Internet, NetRanger is a must-have tool! NetRanger: ... (view more)

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