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Chinese Giant Ditches Android OS

Chinese phone maker Huawei says its making a rival to Android that will be "up to 60 percent faster." The problem is it will be missing many key Google applications. Huawei started work on the new mobile operating system after an executive order ... from the US President that limits American companies supplying the Chinese company, something said to relate to security concerns. Following the order, Google announced it would no longer supply Huawei with new editions of Android or security updates for the existing system. While it could still use Android, which is an open source system, ... (view more)

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Google Cuts Ties with Major Android Manufacturer

Google has stopped working with Chinese manufacturer Huawei, following a US government supply ban. It will have limited effect on Huawei smartphones and tablets that use the Google Android operating system, but will be a huge long-term problem for ... Huawei. The move comes after an executive order from the US President that restricts the way American companies can supply the Chinese-based firm. While attributed to security concerns involving the Chinese government, the order was made under economic emergency powers. (Source: ) Android-based Huawei handsets will continue to work ... (view more)

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