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Windows 7: Internet Explorer 10 Now Available

Microsoft has finally released the latest version of its very own web browser, Internet Explorer 10, for its still-popular Windows 7 operating system (OS). The browser has been available for Windows 8 since that OS launched late last year. Releasing ... Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) as a Windows 8 exclusive was part of an attempt by Microsoft to promote its newest OS. However, with more than 700 million people using Windows 7, the idea of shirking an IE10 release seemed ludicrous. Internet Explorer 10 brings a number of important technical advancements to the table. For one, it offers wider support ... (view more)

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Windows 8 Users Vulnerable to Adobe Flash Threat

After initially indicating that it would not fix an Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) security bug until Windows 8's official October, 2012 release, Microsoft now says it will provide a patch "shortly". The problem is associated with Adobe Flash, software ... that supports multimedia and interactive content for web pages. A recently discovered bug in Flash led to Adobe issuing a security update for the Flash Player. The security update addressed six individual security flaws, all rated 'critical' by Adobe. Any one of them could allow a hacker to crash a computer when trying, for example, to disrupt a ... (view more)

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Internet Explorer 10 Defaults to 'Do Not Track'

Microsoft has confirmed its "Do Not Track" feature will be switched on by default in the new Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) web browser. The decision is intended to protect user privacy. However, it has earned a frosty reception from some online ... advertisers. The feature was introduced to prevent users' online activity from being reported to third-party groups, a concern when advertisers began gathering information from multiple websites to compile very detailed pictures about what individuals do online. Since then, browser makers have worked on a variety of measures to combat this ... (view more)

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Internet Explorer 10 Won't Track Users: Microsoft

Two weeks ago Twitter made headlines by announcing a new "Do Not Track" feature that prevented the service from collecting information about the online behavior of its many users. Now, Microsoft has unveiled a similar plan for the next edition of ... its popular web browser, Internet Explorer. According to a blog entry written by Microsoft Chief Privacy Officer Brendon Lynch, Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) -- which is expected to launch alongside Windows 8 later this year -- will by default be set to avoid collecting data about the online activity of its users. Microsoft Says Privacy Setting Is ... (view more)

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