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'WebVideoCap 1.41', and 'IECookiesView 1.75'

WebVideoCap 1.41 Use this tool to capture Flash video files on your computer and watch them later using your favorite multimedia player. This utility is compatible with most versions of Windows, though you may need to download extra software for ... this to work with Windows Vista. IECookiesView 1.75 Keep track of your Internet Explorer cookies with IECookiesView. It's a small utility that rounds up and displays all of the cookies IE has stored on your computer. It allows you to sort the cookies into columns as well as delete unwanted cookies. This ... (view more)

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'NetTraffic 1.19.2', and 'IECookiesView 1.74'

NetTraffic 1.19.2 NetTraffic is a tool used for monitoring network traffic (or bandwidth) in Windows operating system environments. It works with any network connection, provides a useful taskbar icon showing current network activity, and provides ... users with a review of all pertinent data that the system has collected. IECookiesView 1.74 IECookiesView is a small utility that displays the details of all the cookies that Internet Explorer is storing on your Windows computer. In addition, this software allows you to sort the list of cookies by any column you want with just a ... (view more)

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'IECookiesView 1.74' and 'Winamp 5 Lite 5.622 Build 3188'

IECookiesView 1.74 IECookiesView is a small utility that displays the details of all cookies that Internet Explorer stores on your computer. Sort the cookies list by any column you want, by clicking the column header. A second click sorts the column ... in descending order. Winamp 5 Lite 5.622 Build 3188 Winamp is an .MP3 / media player. It offers the widest range of extensions, skins, and services to add to your listening experience. You can listen to, manage and organize your media catalogs, including audio, video, streaming media, podcasts and internet radio stations. It ... (view more)

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