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Microsoft Slashes Price of Dell Windows 7 Tablet

Back in late November 2010, Dell released a dual tablet/netbook computer called the Inspiron Duo. Netbook Similar to Apple iPad, but Runs Windows 7 The Inspiron Duo features a vertically rotating screen that switches between two independent modes: ... one that runs Windows 7 and the other a proprietary tablet mode which operates Dell software. At the time of release, the device raised lots of eyebrows -- but its $550 asking price was a bit steep for many. That is, perhaps, until Microsoft recently slashed that cost dramatically on its Microsoft Store website. Inspiron Duo Features Dual Core ... (view more)

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Dell's New Dual Core Netbook Tablet Reviewed

Looking for the ultimate netbook / tablet just in time for the Holidays? One might consider the new Inspiron Duo from Dell -- the Optimus Prime of netbooks. It literally transforms between a standard semi-lightweight word processor / web browser to ... an even more portable tablet PC, heavily inspired by Apple's iPad. But is it a real winner deserving of a place on Santa's list? Engadget, which recently reviewed the product, isn't so sure. The $550 Inspiron Duo at first looks like a slightly more stylish 10.1-inch netbook (using 2GB RAM, dual-core Intel Atom Processor and Windows 7), with its ... (view more)

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