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Controversial Anti-Piracy Bill Signed Into Law

President Bush has reportedly signed into law a controversial bill known as the Prioritizing Resources and Organization for intellectual Property (PRO IP) Act to protect American consumer rights that stiffens penalties against counterfeiting and ... piracy at the federal level. Under the law, an Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator --- referred to by some as an intellectual property czar --- will be appointed by the Senate who will report directly to the president on how to better protect copyrights both domestically and internationally, over the objections of the Justice Department that ... (view more)

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Block Remote User from Probing my PC?

Infopackets Reader "Jessie" writes: " Dear Dennis, I play Yahoo pinochle quite often. Someone recently told me that they could track my ISP from inside the game room; I assume this could be done by clicking on my name while I'm in the game room. ... What kind of program would they use so that I can block my ISP to it and/or track their ISP? Thank you. " My response: Just to clarify: ISP means Internet Service Provider. For example: Bell Sympatico provides DSL Internet access to its customers. On the other hand: IP means Internet Protocol. Additionally, an IP Address is a number (like a "mailing ... (view more)

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'Ip Address Locator Tool', and 'J2k Converter'

Ip Address Locator Tool Is someone hacking you? Need to know the origin of their IP address? Look no further! IP Address Locator Tool can pinpoint an IP address of any computer on the Internet and reveal all the information about an individual ... (minus their name and street address, of course!). http://www.geobytes.com/IpLocator.htm J2k Converter With the help of this original freeware you can convert any number of pictures of JPG 2000 format to BMP format. You can also sort the pictures and save the sorted series on your computer with the specified file name. http://www.anything3d.com Systweak ... (view more)

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VisualRoute Personal Edition Review

Synopsis: Have you ever wondered why you can't connect to a certain web site or wondered "why is the Internet down" or your connection "too slow"? Have you ever wondered who's behind those attacks on your firewall? Well, now you don't have to! ... VisualRoute Internet tracing software is perfect for tracking hackers, spammers, investigating a website, and testing Internet connectivity. Here's how it works: VisualRoute shows you the exact route data takes as it is sent from your computer and traverses through the Internet. All of this crucial information is then placed neatly on a world map, so ... (view more)

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Windows Security Threat -- NTFS Alternate Data Streams, Part 2

This issue of the Gazette is dedicated to "tying up a few loose knots" from our ongoing discussions about Hackers and Security threats . First, I'll give you all an update to Gazette issue dated October 10, 2002 (Windows Security Threat -- NTFS ... Alternate Data Streams ). To recap: an anonymous reader (John Doe) sent in an email that discussed a potential security risk in Windows which might allow a hacker to take a screen capture of a computer with the NTFS file system installed. I realize that this article was a bit on the "technical side", but I did my best to clear up ... (view more)


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