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Pencils, Erasers, Rulers...iPods?

It should come as little surprise that children take their iPods with them to school. Traditionally, the device has been referred to as a distraction for students during class time and most teachers will only allow students to take them out at ... designated periods of the school day. A student who takes out their device prematurely may face a detention, removal of their iPod or, in some extreme cases, an expulsion. (Source: nytimes.com ) However, a few schools in the U.S. are raising some eyebrows for handing out iPods to their students, while encouraging them to sing along to their favorite pop ... (view more)

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Study Suggests iPods Can Cause Pacemaker Malfunctions

A new study has found that iPods and pacemakers can be a harmful mixture. The idea for such a connection did not initially come from a Cardiovascualar doctor, but from a Michigan teenager. 17-year-old Jay Thaker, whose father wears a pacemaker, ... approached Dr. Krit Jongnarangsin from the University of Michigan to run some tests on the possibility of pacemaker interference from iPods. (Source: dailytech.com ) "We took patients from a pacemaker clinic, got consent, and we put the pacemaker programmer on them to view what was going on inside the pacemaker on a screen," Thaker explained. "And then ... (view more)

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iPods Available in Vending Machines

Pop sales took off when people were able to put some change into a vending machine and get a nice cold drink. Apple has decided that if it worked for pop, it could also work for iPods. iPod vending machines first started popping up a couple of years ... ago in airports. Although intuitively the idea of selling a big ticket item in a vending machine seems odd, the concept has actually proven successful. iPod vending machines now exist in airports, universities, military bases and department stores. (Source: ajc.com ) Mark Mullins, Executive Vice President of Zoom (a company that makes the vending ... (view more)

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