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US Seizes 30+ 'Terrorist' Iranian News Sites

The US government has seized control of domain names for more than 30 Iranian news sites it accuses of spreading misinformation. The sites themselves are still online but are now much harder to reach. The sites were mostly used by the Iranian ... Islamic Radio and Television Union, which the US Department of Justice says is working on behalf of a Iranian military group the US had formally designated a foreign terrorist organization. It said the sites were posing as news organizations but had actually "targeted the United States with disinformation campaigns and malign influence operations." ( ... (view more)

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Iran Cracks Down on Worldwide Web

On Sunday, Iranian police shut down 24 Internet Cafes and arrested 23 people, including 12 men and 11 women. According to Tehran's police agency, more than 400 establishments were inspected and approximately 170 warnings were handed out the day ... before the crackdown began. (Source: ) "Using immoral computer games, storing obscene photos...and the presence of women wearing improper hijab were among the reasons why [the Internet cafes] have been closed down," said provincial police commander Colonel Nader Sarkari. (Source: ) The move is part of a larger effort ... (view more)

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