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Play .JPG on DVD (Picture / Photo CD)?

Infopackets Reader Martinez 'Purity3' writes: " Dear Dennis, My DVD player is supposed to be able to view JPG picture files on CD. I recently made my own picture CD and put it in the DVD player, but the player reports an error message and refuses to ... display any images. What am I doing wrong? The DVD manual says it plays 'JPEG picture files that conform to ISO9660 Level 1/Level 2 standards, and the extended media format, Joilet.' I'm not sure what that means?! Any suggestions you can provide to help me get this .JPG picture CD working with my DVD would be greatly appreciated! " My ... (view more)

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Digital photo (pictures) too large for email?

Infopackets Reader Jodie K. writes: " Dear Dennis, When I take pictures with my digital camera and upload them on my computer, the pictures are very, very large! When I try to send in email, it takes forever to send my pictures to friends. I'd like ... to know how can I make my digital pictures smaller, so they won't take up so much space in emails. Thank you for any advice you can give! " My response: The short answer is that you will have to resize the picture before sending it off through email. By resizing the picture into a smaller resolution, the picture file size will also shrink ... (view more)

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Outlook Express is sending multiple JPG images?

Gazette Reader Ken P. writes: " Dear Dennis, When I attach a jpeg file to an email message it will send 8 copies. If I attach 2jpeg files 16 copies are sent etc.. It does not do it with bitmap or any text files just jpeg. They suggested reinstalling ... Norton Anti Virus, but there was no difference. I sent a test message with attached jpeg file to my computer at work and one message shows up in my in box, as a jpeg file, and the seven others show up in the deleted box as .DAT files. I did a virus scan and all is OK. What do you think? " My Response: The only time I've experienced anything ... (view more)

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