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Koobface Virus Resurfaces on YouTube, Tracks Users

The ' Koobface ' virus is once again making its rounds, freshly updated and even tougher to combat. It's responsible for delivering spyware payloads and also sniffing out passwords and credit card numbers of unsuspecting users. "Several weeks ago ... Koobface added ... hijacking functionality that blocks access to security sites, tipping users off to the fact that something might be wrong with their systems. Since then the authors have taken a giant leap toward invasiveness with the installation of a fake anti-virus Trojan," said Mcafee researchers. (Source: avertlabs.com ) Koobface Now ... (view more)

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New Koobface Virus Messages Malware to Friends

As Facebook readies itself for a complete profile page makeover, hackers are now striking fast and furious with a barrage of attacks aimed at all those associated with the social networking site. The site has been exposed to five different security ... threats in this past week alone, including four new hoax applications that trick members into divulging usernames and passwords. There are a number of reasons why hackers are attracted to social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook. The interconnectedness of millions of people, coupled with pages and pages of personal information, make ... (view more)

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Identity Theft Worm Hits Facebook

How appropriate. Koobface, a sinister virus that attacks users with spyware and searches their system for sensitive passwords and credit card numbers, has now been found on Facebook, the super-popular social networking site. Given that most readers ... of this column will either use Facebook today or know someone else who may, Koobface poses a daunting threat to the online community. How does Koobface work? According to reports, the virus spreads via messages sent between friends on the site. When one user is infected, his or her account will send messages to friends like, "you just look awesome ... (view more)

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