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Can Wireless (Wi-Fi) Signals Make You Sick?

Wireless radio signals virtually surround us. In fact, we take for granted how easy it is to find Wi-Fi access, be it in our homes, offices, or coffee shops. But could these signals actually make us sick? Parents in an Ontario, Canada community ... actually think this might be the case. It used to be that parents worried about kids standing in front of the microwave too long -- or watching too much television, or using the cell phone. All of these things, some people feared, could lead to radiation poisoning and even cancer. Wi-Fi Behind Nausea, Parents Say But what about WiFi signals? Parents ... (view more)

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Vista Increasingly Adopted by Businesses and Gamers, Report Suggests

With the next big Microsoft operating system already looming in the form of a Windows 7 beta, many home and business users are beginning to look past Windows Vista. However, a controversial new report from Computerworld suggests that the fat lady ... may not have yet belted out her final note. In a recent article, Computerworld columnist Eric Lai suggested that at least two significant segments in the tech population have begun to adopt the maligned 2007 operating system . Lai cites a survey last month by Valve Corporation, which found that more than one-third of gamers playing online are using ... (view more)

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