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Hewlett-Packard Shareholders Accused of Insider Trading

It seems that Hewlett-Packard's courtroom woes are far from over. The company's shareholders, who recently sued the company over the much discussed spying scandal, have amended the suit to include allegations of insider trading. The original lawsuit ... claimed "breach of fiduciary responsibilities" by HP executives. It alleged that the executives' spy-like tactics to uncover boardroom leaks harmed the company. (Source: ) Now, the lawsuit -- which asks for an undisclosed amount -- also implicates HP Chief Executive Officer Mike Hurd, former General Counsel Ann Baskins, Chief ... (view more)

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Google's Book Scanning Project Turns Sour

Google's ambitious book scanning project has the company embroiled in yet another lawsuit -- this time, from a number of literary organizations. Currently, the Google project returns snippets of content contained in books after a search is run on ... the Google search engine. Those who are interested in reading the entire book have the option of purchasing it or obtaining it through a library. (Source: ) Google's project presently includes titles from seven libraries including the libraries of Harvard University and Stanford University. Google says that anyone who does not want ... (view more)

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Starbucks' Free Grande Coupons Turn Into Grande Lawsuit

The coffee powerhouse Starbucks was recently slapped with a $114 million lawsuit after they pulled their e-mail-based free drink offer. Starbucks sent out an e-mail on August 23rd to select employees offering the coupon and requesting that they ... forward it to their families and friends. The coupon offered a free Grande drink, valid until September 30th. (Source: ) Not surprisingly, the forwarded coupons multiplied. Shortly after, Starbucks rescinded the offer when "it had been redistributed beyond its original intent." (Source: ) The lawsuit was initiated after a customer in ... (view more)

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Microsoft's $521 Million Dollar Patch

In 2003, a federal court ruled that Microsoft must pay $521 million to a Chicago-based Eolas Technologies company and the University of California. (Source: ) Eolas sued Microsoft on the basis that the software giant infringed upon its ... patent that allows web browsers to embed and execute interactive programs -- what we know today as "ActiveX Technology" for Internet Explorer. Now almost three years later, the Eolas vs. Microsoft fiasco is finally coming to a close. According to Internet News , on Tuesday, April 11th, Microsoft will be releasing a patch related to the lawsuit that ... (view more)


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