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Starbucks' Free Grande Coupons Turn Into Grande Lawsuit

The coffee powerhouse Starbucks was recently slapped with a $114 million lawsuit after they pulled their e-mail-based free drink offer. Starbucks sent out an e-mail on August 23rd to select employees offering the coupon and requesting that they ... forward it to their families and friends. The coupon offered a free Grande drink, valid until September 30th. (Source: ) Not surprisingly, the forwarded coupons multiplied. Shortly after, Starbucks rescinded the offer when "it had been redistributed beyond its original intent." (Source: ) The lawsuit was initiated after a customer in ... (view more)

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Microsoft's $521 Million Dollar Patch

In 2003, a federal court ruled that Microsoft must pay $521 million to a Chicago-based Eolas Technologies company and the University of California. (Source: ) Eolas sued Microsoft on the basis that the software giant infringed upon its ... patent that allows web browsers to embed and execute interactive programs -- what we know today as "ActiveX Technology" for Internet Explorer. Now almost three years later, the Eolas vs. Microsoft fiasco is finally coming to a close. According to Internet News , on Tuesday, April 11th, Microsoft will be releasing a patch related to the lawsuit that ... (view more)


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