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Microsoft's Free Windows Offer Pays Off

Microsoft's decision to ditch Windows licensing fees for small-screen devices has led to a raft of ultra-cheap Windows-enabled gadgets. Approximately 50 new manufacturers have taken advantage of the offering, with some Windows devices sold in the ... far East now costing less than a copy of Windows itself. The move came earlier this year and is thought to be a response to the huge success of Google's Android operating system. Android is particularly popular with manufacturers because it's free to install onto their devices. That said, as tablet computers and smartphone prices have ... (view more)

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Critics Debate: Windows Phone 7 Fee or For Free?

Microsoft has been recently criticized for suggesting that it may charge phone companies to use its newly-unveiled mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7 (previously known as Windows Mobile 7). However, other analysts argue that charging for the ... operating system is both reasonable and sensible. The charge was led by the Business Insider website, where a columnist estimated that Microsoft's annual revenue from licensing the Windows Phone 7 system will be around $300 million. That's clearly no trifling sum, as Dan Frommer argues, but it's a tiny part of Microsoft's annual income of around $66 ... (view more)

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