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FeedDemon Review

Email newsletters, like, are historically the method I use to keep up with technology information. Once my email address is subscribed, the newsletter publishers deliver their information to me on a predefined delivery schedule. In ... addition to email newsletters, I'm finding myself reading more content from news feed channels, called RSS. What is RSS? RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication (depending on who you ask), and is a markup language similar to HTML code used to construct a web page. RSS works by organizing text information in a way which makes ... (view more)

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Infopackets Email Newsletter Format

It's been two weeks since the newsletter format has been changed to include "teaser" feature articles and a link to the rest of the story online. Over the weekend, I received a few disheartening emails with regard to the format change. Gan Soon B. ... in South East Asia writes: " Dear Dennis, I am writing to you to register my concern with the new format of your newsletter. Recently, I noticed that you have switched to a format which require users to go online to view the full contents of the newsletter. I figured that you have a valid concern for using that format, and so I didn't ... (view more)

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Free TTF Font packs?, Part 2

Recall -- Because fonts are in such high demand, many of the so-called font web sites on the Internet are clouded with links to popup ads and flashy banners. In the last issue of the Gazette, I asked Readers if they knew of some font web sites which ... were easy to use and offered free fonts without the clutter of advertisements. Free TTF Font packs? Since then, I've received quite a few good suggestions. Dave W. from Pheonix, AZ. writes: " Looking for free fonts? I was steered to ExtremeFonts last year [after reading an issue of] Lockergnome. ExtremeFonts is one of the better fonts sites ... (view more)


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