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'Listary 4.01.1175', and 'OSForensics 2.0.1003'

Listary 4.01.1175 This unique search tool for Microsoft's Windows operating system is designed to help you more efficiently manage the files and folders stored on your computer. It features an ultra-compact user interface that is super-easy to ... navigate. OSForensics 2.0.1003 This program helps you discover data stored within your computer. It uses a high-performance indexing and file search system to find and restore deleted files. Using this program you can also identify and remove suspicious-looking and potentially dangerous files. This ... (view more)

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'Cloudfogger 1.1.1349', and 'Listary 3.51.858'

Cloudfogger 1.1.1349 Cloudfogger is a file encryption tool designed to help users protect the information they have stored online, through the method now called 'cloud computing.' Cloudfogger secures these files and prevents many different forms of ... snooping, no matter where your files are kept in the "cloud." Powerful features make protecting your online data both easy and convenient. Listary 3.51.858 Listary is a free piece of software designed to help users better navigate around within the files and folder structure on their hard drives. It can speed up ... (view more)

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'Listary', and 'SyncToy 2.1'

Listary Listary is a cool new program that allows you to use shortcut keys to quickly and easily access specific folders within specific programs. With listary, you can browse through vast number of files, folders and list entries on-the-fly using a ... powerful find as you type search tool that blends seamlessly with Windows. Check out the video for a full list of features and how this program works using the link below. SyncToy 2.1 SyncToy 2.1 is a free application that synchronizes files and folders between locations. Typical uses include sharing files, such as photos, ... (view more)

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