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New Windows 10 Hardware Expected Next Month

Microsoft plans to show off a range of new Windows 10 devices on October 6. A $20,000 wall-mounted giant tablet may be the most eye-catching of the rumored products. The official release about the event in New York City contains no details other ... than the fact that "[Microsoft has] some exciting news to share about Windows 10 devices." However, the most plausible theory is that the company plans to unveil or update information on a wide variety of non-traditional computing devices, with the idea being to promote Windows 10 as a versatile system. Surface To Come In Diverse Sizes The ... (view more)

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No Windows 8 Prompts Nokia to Cut Lumia 900 Price

Given the amount of media attention paid to the financial calamity currently facing Research in Motion (RIM), maker of the BlackBerry, the troubles of other smartphone producers have gone relatively unnoticed. But perhaps that's no longer the case. ... Nokia Corp. has also been confronted with narrowing profit margins, and has responded to a lack of consumer interest by slashing the price of its Lumia 900 Windows phone device. The Lumia 900, which runs Microsoft's Windows Phone mobile operating system, first hit the market in April, 2012. Available exclusively through AT ... (view more)

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