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Apple Poised to Threaten Microsoft Sales

As the official June 30, 2008 deadline for Windows XP sales for PC makers and retailers looms on the horizon, Business Week is reporting that a recent upgrade to the Mac operating system (OS) is moving Apple closer to challenging Microsoft for ... overall computing dominance, even in the corporate market. A new feature from Apple called 'Spaces' makes it easy to instantly switch between a Macintosh OS and a Microsoft Windows OS with two fingers. Easy toggling of OS' coupled with Apple's release of a tool kit for programmers to write applications for the iPhone will be followed by the June launch ... (view more)

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'Kde For Windows And Mac', and 'You Get Signal'

Kde For Windows And Mac This is big. The very popular KDE Windows manager, long used by Linux lovers, is now ported to Windows and the Mac. If anything pulls Windows and Mac users to Linux, this will do it. Get the feel of Linux right inside your ... own OS. You Get Signal is a collection of web based network tools. The name of the site, YouGetSignal, is a nerdy play on a line of broken English from the infamous "All your base are belong to us" cut scene. (view more)

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Leopard Attacked by a Horse!

"Hello, I'm a Mac." "And I'm a PC. Hey Mac, what's wrong? You seem a little distracted." "Oh, well I was visiting a naughty web site the other day and I picked up a Trojan Horse. Now every website I go to is a scam! My owner is really upset with ... me." [Mac hangs his head] "Oh, you should get some security software to take care of that. I can't believe you fell for the oldest trick in the book." "[mumbles] I just never thought it would happen to me." "Ahhh... that's how you get into trouble my friend. That's how you get into trouble." [PC puts his hand on Mac's shoulder and hands him a box ... (view more)

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The Mac OS X Leopard is on the Prowl!

The Mac OS X Leopard is expected to be the largest operating system upgrade ever produced. It boasts over three hundred features and sells for $129. Leopard is set to attack retail shelves on October 26. (Source: ) The Leopard has risen ... to the top of the pack, replacing the Mac OS X Tiger and arriving amidst a record year for Apple. The company is currently experiencing doubled stock figures compared to January 2008. While Apple has dedicated most of 2007 to non-computer innovations, Leopard carries an arduous, but highly manageable goal: Sell More Mac Computers! The new upgrades ... (view more)

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In the Mood for Microsoft Office? Have an Apple Instead

Apple has just released iWork 2008. New additions, such as a spreadsheet called "Numbers", are impressive but the real excitement is over iWork's ability to handle the Open XML file format. This particular format is native to Microsoft's Office 2007 ... application suite. Until now, no application has been more important for the long-term survival of Mac than Microsoft Office. However, Apple's new iWork may change this fact. Why is Microsoft no longer the only drug that can keep Mac healthy? Quick answer: the Redmond-based company contracted its own illness; Microsoft faced problems in ... (view more)

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Vista Drags Down Apple's Mac Sales

A few weeks ago we talked about speculation surrounding the delay of the new Mac operating system (OS) from Apple, Leopard. In order to better accommodate Microsoft's own new OS, Windows Vista, some experts believed Apple pushed back their product ... until the fall, an action that disappointed many Mac maniacs. There may be more fist-shaking today, with news that Windows Vista likely sapped Macintosh hardware sales during its last period. Looking at the numbers, it seems fairly obvious that some sort of major release put the squeeze on Mac success during Apple's second fiscal quarter of 2007. ... (view more)

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Ditching a Mac for Vista?

Technology writer Joe Hutsko did what many devoted Mac fans would deem unthinkable: he switched from Mac to Windows at the launch of Vista, and gave the new operating system a shot at earning his loyalties. (Source: ) His final decision? ... Well... you're just going to have to read on. ;-) One thing that Hutsko doesn't hesitate to note is Vista's sleek first impression. The start up screen, desktop, icons, and menus all reflect a new sharpness. Even the new font, Segoe UI, impressed Hutsko. The new Aero features are also a nice surprise to the former Mac user. The Flip 3D feature, ... (view more)


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