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Apple Reveals iPad Mini, New iPad

Apple finally unveiled the long-rumored iPad Mini at a press event in San Jose, California, on Tuesday, October 23. The firm also showed off new versions of the standard iPad and a revamped MacBook Pro. The iPad Mini was clearly the star of this ... show, however. Despite former Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs having once dismissed 7-inch tablets, the firm has long been developing a device to compete in the rapidly growing lower-end tablet niche. 7.9-Inch Screen, No Retina Display, $329 The iPad Mini weighs just 0.68 pounds and measures only 7.2 millimeters thick. The screen is 7.9- ... (view more)

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New MacBook Pro Expensive to Fix, Tough to Upgrade

Apple recently unveiled its brand new MacBook Pro laptop, which comes with the same critically-acclaimed Retina display found on the company's iPad tablet. While early reviews suggest that the new MacBook Pro is a very powerful device, industry ... experts are slowly discovering that it holds some dirty secrets. Most notably, the new MacBook Pro is almost impossible for the average person to repair, and is also extremely costly to both fix and upgrade. Performance-wise, the new MacBook Pro has a lot going for it. While it's extremely powerful (using the latest quad-core Intel i7 processors), it's ... (view more)

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iPhone, iPad to Receive Major Facelifts in 2012: Report

Recently, Apple announced it would revamp its popular MacBook Pro line of laptop computers. Now, a new report suggests the Cupertino-based company will provide similar updates and upgrades for all of its major products, including the MacBook Air, ... iPad tablet computer, and iPhone, in 2012. The new MacBook Pro has much-improved hardware, including faster processors and larger hard drives. Luckily for Apple fans, the new MacBook Pro's price point hasn't changed, even though the new hardware upgrades offer considerably better performance than before. iPad Updates, iPad 3 Expected by Late 2012 ... (view more)

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Apple Upgrades MacBook Pro

We've heard a lot in recent weeks about attempts by Acer and Asus to overcome Apple's dominance of the high-speed, extreme-portability niche computer market with the release of their 'Ultrabooks' . Only time will tell if these slick and slim new PCs ... can take down the MacBook Air, but in the meantime Apple is boosting the power of its MacBook Pro line of not-so-portable but exceptionally powerful computers. This is the first update that the MacBook Pro has received from Apple since early this year, when the company introduced Intel's Sandy Bridge processor architecture. Hardware Specs Up, ... (view more)

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