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'Google Drive 1.15.6556.8063', and 'ManicTime'

Google Drive 1.15.6556.8063 Keep your most important files stored safely in the cloud with Google Drive. This web-based platform allows users to access their files from any device. The best part: the first 5 gigabytes are free! ... ManicTime At the end of a busy workday you might be left wondering "where did all the time go?" ManicTime can help you figure that out by automatically tracking all of your computer usage. It then provides you with a coherent and concise report showing the activities performed throughout the day. (view more)

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'ManicTime 2.4', and 'BlackBerry Link'

ManicTime 2.4 Having trouble keeping track of your important tasks? Feeling inefficient? Then use ManicTime, which records your PC activities and helps you focus on the important work ahead of you. This program can also be used to track your work ... hours. BlackBerry Link Looking to put your favorite photographs, songs, and videos on your brand new BlackBerry 10 OS device? Then check out BlackBerry Link, which helps you manage and sync all of the content stored on your PC and BlackBerry 10 device. This freeware software program is ... (view more)

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'ManicTime 2.3.7', and 'ClipCube 1.2'

ManicTime 2.3.7 Manictime is a free software utility for Windows computers that operates in the background and records your activities. When you are finished, you can use the collected data to accurately keep track of your time. All the data ... Manictime gathers is stored locally on your computer and you can delete it any time you want. Having a local database also enables you to use ManicTime offline, without an Internet connection. ClipCube 1.2 ClipCube is a compact notetaking app with an integrated clipboard history. It has an easy-to-use interface and works ... (view more)

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