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Microsoft's Windows 8.1 Ready for Manufacturers

Microsoft has released its first major update to the Windows 8 operating system, Windows 8.1 (or 'Windows Blue'), to manufacturers. That means the update is on track for its October 18, 2013 release. Microsoft's Windows SuperSite editor Paul ... Thurrott recently took to Twitter to announce that Windows 8.1 had been released to manufacturers (RTM). That means the update has reached Microsoft's quality standards and is ready to be installed on new PC systems. Microsoft had earlier stated that it would reach this milestone by the end of August, meaning the company is slightly ahead of schedule. ( ... (view more)

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Microsoft Argues: Win7 Phone Fee Cheaper Than 'Free'

With Microsoft's latest mobile Windows finally shipping to manufacturers, handset makers are deciding whether it's worth paying a licensing fee for the software when free alternatives (such as Google's Android) are available. However, Microsoft ... argues that the hidden costs of open source systems mean Windows represents better value. Windows 7 Phone License Fee Cheaper Than 'Free' Manufacturers that want to install Windows Phone 7 on their handsets will have to pay a licensing fee to Microsoft, just as computer makers do with Windows. The fee is understood to average around $15 a handset. That ... (view more)

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Win7 'Signature' PCs: Zero Bloatware, MS Promises

In its attempt to make Windows 7 a success and build a successful chain of retail stores, Microsoft has declared war on one of the most annoying parts of buying a new PC: bloatware. Bloatware -- known less charitably as crapware -- is trial software ... which PC manufacturers include with new computers. To the manufacturers and developers it's a great deal: the manufacturers get some bonus content while the developers can expose their products to new computer buyers. However, many users find the programs useless and unwanted; they usually come with limited functionality until the full edition is ... (view more)

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'Free' Win7 Upgrade Taxed with Surcharge by Manufacturers

Computer manufacturers have been accused of excessive shipping charges for a supposedly free Windows 7 upgrade scheme. The fees mean some buyers could wind up paying as much as $17.03 for shipping: far more than the actual costs of delivering the ... upgrade. According to the free Windows 7 deal, people who buy Vista machines before the Windows 7 release date of October 22nd, 2009 will be able to get a "free" copy of Windows 7 upon its release. The aim of the scheme was to minimize the drop in computer purchases over the summer among people who'd otherwise have waited for the new system rather ... (view more)

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PC, Mobile Firms Battle for Netbooks: Impact Price

Netbooks are one of the few bright spots in a weakened economy. Surging sales of these devices have resulted in computer makers like Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Acer, and Asus scurrying to rush out new models. And computer makers aren't alone. Mobile ... phone manufacturers like Samsung and LG Electronics view netbooks as extensions of the smartphone. Nokia has also confirmed that it is considering entering the netbook market with a version of its own. (Source: ) Snagging Control of the Netbook Market Another competition between computer and mobile phone manufacturers is raging behind the ... (view more)

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Computers with prepackaged software, Part 3

This is the third installment on a series of comments based on the following scenario: " When someone buys a new computer (either brand name or clone) that is preloaded with an Operating System (OS), is the seller obliged to give the client an ... original CD which includes the Operating System? " Last week I provided various short-but-sweet answers to the above question from various readers of the Infopackets Gazette. The gist was that retailers are required to provide Windows on a CD, whether it comes pre-packaged like Compaq, and Dell machines do -- or, if it comes with the basic ... (view more)


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