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Win10 May 2020 Update Delayed For Some

Microsoft has delayed the latest major Windows 10 Update for some users. The various workarounds aren't ideal, so affected users will probably need to be patient. The problem affects the May 2020 Update, taking Windows 10 to version 2004. It's the ... first of this year's scheduled two major updates that includes new features. Microsoft has previously blocked updates for some specific computers where it knows there will be a significant compatibility problem with hardware. This particular block appears more generic, with the affected users seeing an error message reading: This PC can ... (view more)

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Win10 May 2020 Update Goes Badly For Lenovo Devices

Lenovo has confirmed a batch of problems with its devices running Windows 10 after the latest major update. Solutions range from uninstalling the update to simply being patient. The problems are with the Windows May 2020 Update. That's one of two ... major updates this year and takes the version number from 1909 to 2004. It's mainly ThinkPad tablets and laptops affected. (Source: ) Here's a list of issues: Problem: Devices coming out of sleep or hibernate mode sometimes crash into the "Blue Screen of Death." Solution: The problem is still under investigation. In the meantime, the best ... (view more)

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Next Big Windows 10 Update Now Available

Microsoft has unveiled full details of the next big Windows 10 update, dubbed the May 2020 Update. Users can manually download it right now, though that might seem unwise option for the average home user in due to any unreported bugs in the ... software. The May 2020 Update is one of the two major updates this year that introduce new features, rather than making minor tweaks or fixing security bugs. Five years into the initial release of Windows 10, and it appears that the threshold for "major" changes appears to be getting lower. The May 2020 Update really only has two completely new features to ... (view more)

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