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McAfee Loses Another to Microsoft

Microsoft reported late Monday that yet another former McAfee virus expert will join the company. He will fill the position of senior security researcher. Jimmy Kuo will join fellow former McAfee alumnus Vincent Gullotto as part of Microsoft's ... Security Research and Response team. Gullotto was hired last month as the general manager of the team. (Source: ) The Security Research and Response team operates under Microsoft's Security Technology Unit, responsible for securing Microsoft products, including the Windows operating system. (Source: ) Kuo formerly worked in McAfee's ... (view more)

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Microsoft Hires Former McAfee VP

It's been some time since yours truly or anyone at Infopackets reported on Microsoft security. After a typhoon of activity earlier this summer with the release of OneCare Live and then the controversial Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), the ... Redmond-based company has remained relatively hush on its plans for protecting itself and its paying customers. However, Microsoft again enters the spotlight with a recent announcement regarding former McAfee veteran, Vincent Gullotto. (Source: ) Once dubbed by CNET News to be the industry's "Virus Hunter", Gullotto has in recent years been ... (view more)

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Registry Mechanic Frequently Asked Questions

Continuing on with our Feature Article on Registry Mechanic, here are some top Frequently Asked Questions about the Windows Registry, courtesy of Q: " Do I really need to fix registry problems? " A: In short, yes. If you don't fix ... registry problems when they arise or try and prevent them from even happening at all, then you may soon find yourself faced with sudden crashes, system stalls, or a severe degradation in operating speed. Working to fix registry issues and prevent system crashes should be a top priority whether you use your computer for business or pleasure, ... (view more)

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Registry Mechanic Q and A

Recall -- Last week, I wrote a review on WinGuides Registry Mechanic . Since then, a number of users have contacted me with Kudos and Questions in regard to the article. Infopackets Reader 'Marv MnM' writes: " Hi Dennis, I have been a subscriber to ... your newsletter for quite some time and have learned a lot from it. This time, I feel compelled to comment on your latest recommendation, Registry Mechanic . First, let me say that I'm not a techie nor a very advanced user, just a 73 year old who enjoys his computer and tries to keep it squeaky clean from viruses, spam, Spyware, and the like. ... (view more)


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