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System32 Opens At Startup

Infopackets Reader 'Frances' writes: " Dear Dennis, When I start my computer, the System32 folder opens. I don't know how it started, but how do I make the System 32 folder stop appearing? I went to Start -> Run, typed in 'MSCONFIG', then went ... and looked at my Startup, but I don't know what to uncheck. My Norton software is up to date and I am using Windows XP and Verizon DSL. Please help. Thank you. " My response: This is a frequently asked question. In fact, I managed to find a Microsoft Knowledge Base article ( KB#170086 ) which describes why the System32 folder may appear after you ... (view more)

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Windows XP Dialup Internet reports 'no connection available'?, Part 2

Recall -- On Monday, Temple D. told me of a familiar problem with Windows XP and Dialup Networking: " I have just bought a new Dell computer that has Windows XP and I use dial-up Internet. Every time I disconnect from the Internet, my computer ... defaults back to 'Never Dial a Connection'. I've reset it to 'always dial my default connection', hit 'Apply', and 'OK' -- but, when I try to connect again, I get an error message which reads 'No Connection Available.' Subsequently, when I go into Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections, the option 'Never Dial a Connection' has been re- ... (view more)

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