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T-Mobile's 'No Contract' Deal Deceptive: Critics

T-Mobile's "No Contract" deal is supposed to let a customer sever their relationship with the wireless carrier at any moment. However, Washington state officials have ordered the firm to offer refunds to people who didn't realize that quitting the ... contract would come with a fee. With most smartphone deals, the user only pays a portion of the cost of the handset, while the service provider picks up the rest of the tab. In return, the user is tied to a minimum service term (usually lasting two to three years), during which they must pay a steep early termination fee if they choose to cancel the ... (view more)

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Comcast Pay-Per-Use Broadband Plan Backed by FCC

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Julius Genachowski says he's happy Comcast may begin offering Internet service on a pay-per-use basis. It would be a change from the more common model of charging a flat rate. Comcast recently ... announced it is dropping its 250 GB monthly download limit . Instead, it will now allow users to go above its new 300 GB "soft" limit, but only upon paying an additional fee. The company is also looking at offering several different service packages, with monthly data allowances that depend on the price paid, much like today's mobile broadband ... (view more)

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