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Microsoft Kinect to make TV Advertising Interactive

The idea of an "interactive advertisement" has long been associated with those online sidebars that ask users to answer an obvious trivia question or "shoot" a moving target. But Microsoft is now investing in an advertising protocol that would allow ... consumers to use voice and motion controls to make investigating advertisements pitched at them a truly interactive experience. NUAds Allow Users to Interact with TV Advertisements The new medium (called NUads) allows people to interact with their televisions and activate all of the virtual components an advertiser has to offer. NUads was ... (view more)

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RIM Patches BlackBerry Null Character Exploit

It's not often you hear about smartphones being infiltrated by hackers using phishing schemes, but a recent Research in Motion security fix is designed to prevent just that kind of issue. The Waterloo, Ontario-based Research in Motion, which ... produces the extremely popular BlackBerry smartphone, late last week issued a patch for a reported vulnerability which left many of its users susceptible to attack by phishing hackers. According to reports, the flaw could allow a remote hacker to fool a BlackBerry owner into visiting a malicious website with their handheld multimedia device. A BlackBerry ... (view more)

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BlackBerry Expands Overseas

After eight years of trying, Research in Motion has finally been given clearance to sell its BlackBerry wireless handheld device in China. Research in Motion's co-chief executive, James L. Balsillie, formally announced the Blackberry expansion into ... China during a recent conference call with analysts. It was during this conference call that Balsillie expressed the company's long-standing desire to appease those customers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou who have waited years to own their first BlackBerry. (Source: ) The expansion into China could not have come at a better time ... (view more)

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Mouse Computing

A mouse is a handheld pointing device for computers, involving a small object fitted with one or more buttons and shaped to sit naturally under the hand. The underside of the mouse houses a device that detects the mouse's motion relative to the flat ... surface on which it sits. The mouse's 2D motion is typically translated into the motion of a pointer on the display. A mouse is called a 'mouse' primarily because the cord on early models resembled the rodent's tail, and also because the motion of the pointer on the screen can be mouse-like. In popular usage, the plural can be either mice or ' ... (view more)

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Webcam Monitor Surveillance Software Review

Synopsis: Turn your PC into into a smart Video Security and Surveillance System! Using Webcam Monitor's intelligent motion detection system, you can effortlessly monitor your home, office, parking area, or any other premises 24-hours a day! Simply ... connect a USB or FireWire Camera to your PC, install WebCam Monitor, and you're ready to begin surveillance! Webcam Monitor is highly customizable and lets you activate video via motion and noise so that you can capture events precisely when they happen. Remote monitoring lets you view / listen to video / audio over the Internet, plus FTP uploads ... (view more)

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