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MS Slows Piracy in China by Awarding Pirate Rebate

It seems crime does pay, but only if enough people partake in the illegal act. It is believed that an estimated 95 per cent of all copies of MS Office used in China come from an illegal source. In order to stabilize the piracy pandemic in China, ... Microsoft has slashed the price of their MS Office Suite to just $29. While the company would not admit to condoning acts of criminal behavior outright, this is exactly the message they are sending to the rest of the world. Some critics suggest that the reduced price is a reward for years of illegal activity. (Source: ) Price a Determining ... (view more)

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Finally! Carol's Office 2007 Tips Available!

Attention all MS Office users -- Frustrated by MS Word? Excel just doesn't seem to add up? Feel powerless using PowerPoint and MS Outlook? Enough already! Learn MS Office: The Easy Way Our very own Carol Bratt has done it again -- and just in time ... for the holiday season! Whether you're an MS Office veteran or just beginning to learn the ropes, Carol's new Tips and Tricks eBook series on MS Office 2007 is just for you! If you've ever used the cumbersome help menu in any of the MS Office suites, then you know just how frustrating it can be when you can't find what you're searching for, or the ... (view more)

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Hot Off The Press: Carol's Tips and Tricks eBook Finally Available!

Discover how to create stunning letters, effortless spreadsheet reports, dazzling PowerPoint presentations, and much more -- just like the professionals! Attention MS Office users -- Do you just muddle through and make do with the basic features of ... MS Word? Do you gawk at the gigantic array of features found in MS Excel? Do you feel powerless when using MS PowerPoint? Enough already! If you're like one of the millions of bewildered users around the world aching to unlock the simple secrets behind MS Office, now's your chance to shine! Announcing Carol's Corner Office Tips and Tricks eBook ... (view more)

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Send fax through MS Word?

Infopackets Gazette Reader Viv 'Better Letters' writes: " Dear Dennis, I read with interest all your newsletters, and although I haven't had any of the problems that some people have had, I really enjoy reading everything your site has to offer. And ... now, I have a query: a colleague of mine wants to send a fax through her PC running Windows XP Pro. She doesn't have a fax machine connected to her PC, but she does have a phone line which has an ADSL Internet connection. Try as she might, her MS Word Document fax won't send out of the outbox. I've checked her settings, but can't figure it out. If ... (view more)

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Excel Startup Xlt Error Message

Infopackets Reader Jon M. writes: "Hi Dennis! I recently uninstalled a program called 'RoboPDF' (not related to RoboForm ). Now, I receive an error message that "C:\ Program files \ Microsoft Office \ Office \ Startup \ roboPDF.xlt could not be ... found' every time I launch Excel. I was wondering how to get rid of this from appearing? " My response: I researched some topics in the MS Excel Help File, and found info relating to how Excel starts. Basically, the XLStart folder typically contains a bunch of mini-programs (called macro files) which execute every time Excel starts. A ... (view more)

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Freeware MS Office Replacement, Part 2

Recall: Yesterday's issue of the Gazette was about a Freeware MS Office Replacement. Infopackets Reader Jim P. made his suggestion with reference to a freeware Microsoft Word .DOC file converter: " Fast, compatible and free: 602Pro PC SUITE is the ... freeware alternative to Microsoft Office, and includes a word processor, spreadsheet, photo editor and photo organizer. " Since then, I have received more new suggestions for Freeware MS Office Replacements. In fact, Tammy F. told me that she uses a freeware program called Open Office: " I use Open ... (view more)


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