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New Nanotechnology Sphere Treats Cancer Directly

Researchers at a Montreal university are using nanotechnology to combat cancer in the human body. This new method directly targets problem areas, potentially saving thousands of lives in the process. One of Canada's leading engineering schools, ... Polytechnique Montreal, revealed the successful manipulation of a tiny remote-controlled magnetic sphere that could travel through the body and deposit cancer treatment directly on the targeted area. In the study, a live animal with a situation comparable to liver cancer was used and treated. (Source: ) The traveling sphere used to ... (view more)

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HP Urge Computer Chip Industry to Adopt Nanotechnology

Researchers at Hewlett-Packard (HP) are experimenting with the idea of integrating nanotechnology with traditional circuitry designs. Their goal is to develop a system whereby energy use will be significantly reduced, while producing even smaller ... devices than the models currently available on the market. (Source: ) While these developments are rather optimistic and premature, scientists believe that the benefits of nanotechnology could eventually assist a wide range of companies, such as auto makers and cellphone manufacturers. The change in technology would allow ... (view more)

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