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Giant Asteroid Could Smash Earth in 2032: Report

Astronomers in the Ukraine say there's a small chance that a massive asteroid could slam into the earth in less than twenty years' time. According to researchers, the impact would be roughly equivalent to having 2,500 nuclear bombs explode in one ... location. The asteroid -- which has been named '2013 TV 135' -- was recently discovered by scientists at the Ukraine's Crimean Astrophysical Observatory. The scientists say that, with a width of roughly 1,300 feet, the asteroid is much larger than your average space rock. That's why they suggest that, should the object slam into earth, it would be ... (view more)

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NASA Cyber Attacks On The Increase: Report

According to NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration), in recent years, it has become an increasingly popular target for high-tech hackers. In 2007 and 2008, China was suspected to have hacked into NASA satellites , though no formal ... evidence linking China to the attacks has been brought forward. The agency says its systems were hacked approximately thirteen times in 2011 alone. "The threat to NASA's information security is persistent and ever-changing," noted Congressman Paul Braun at a recent meeting of the House Science, Space and Technology subcommittee. "Unless NASA is ... (view more)

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NASA Names Space Treadmill C.O.L.B.E.R.T.

In what many will consider the 'lamest' move in the history of the tech universe, NASA has dismissed a recent attempt by Comedy Central's Steven Colbert to have the International Space Station's new living quarters bear his name. Despite a landslide ... vote in favor of Colbert's moniker, NASA went with "Tranquility" instead. 230,539 Vote 'Colbert' The poll went something like this: NASA asked visitors to its site to select from four predetermined options, including Earthrise, Legacy, Serenity, and Venture. However, it also left users the option of filling in their own suggestion -- opening the ... (view more)

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NASA Blasts 'Across the Universe'

Forty years ago the British invaded American pop culture, led by four polished, handsome devils from the least-polished place on earth. Upon arrival in the United States from Liverpool, England, the Beatles' went about changing American music ... forever. That impact will be commemorated in the oddest fashion when NASA blasts the lyrics for the band's popular "Across the Universe" as part of the 50th anniversary of its first space mission. Although neither anniversary is particularly odd, their combination seems an interesting 'mashup'. For a space administration that is as American as Wisconsin ... (view more)

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NASA Flies Drunk

Drive drunk, and you'll lose your license, your job, or maybe even your life. However, it seems there's (quite unbelievably) more tolerance for getting behind the "wheel" of a billion dollar NASA rocket while under the influence. According to ... various reports released last week, astronauts were allowed by NASA to fly despite being considerably intoxicated. Although details are sketchy at best (no one seems to know when the incidents occurred, on what space craft, or who the astronauts were), it's another black eye for American space flight not long after the much-publicized attempted assault ... (view more)

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Two Peas in a Pod: Google and NASA

Between Google's acquisitions and new program launches, the company has still managed to find time to create a partnership with space conglomerate NASA. Google and NASA have come together to sign the Space Act Agreement. The agreement will enable ... the two companies to collaboratively develop a system which will make it easy for people to find weather forecasting data, view high-resolution 3D maps of the moon and Mars, and track the International Space Station in real time. (Source: ) Although the partnership may not seem to be the most natural fit at first, it actually makes ... (view more)

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