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'Nero DiscSpeed', and 'PureSync 3.5'

Nero DiscSpeed Nero DiscSpeed is an excellent, easy-to-use benchmarking tool for testing the operational capabilities of a recorder. A multi-functional tool, Nero DiscSpeed also tests the speed of your CD/DVD disc drive and benchmarks the ... speed capabilities of blank discs. PureSync 3.5 PureSync by Jumping Bytes is a Windows program designed to help synchronize files and folders, and to perform backups automatically in the background. It's easy-to-use, free, but features a wide range of useful synchronization features. [Note: the link does not appear to work in ... (view more)

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Audio CD won't display Track Name?

Infopackets Reader Jim B. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have Windows XP and Nero Express CD Burning software that came with my CD Recorder. I have burned many CDs with music (wav, mp3 and others). My problem is that whenever I burn a standard audio CD ... (in .WAV format), the track titles never appear. When I play the disc in my CD player, the track names always come up as 'track 1' or 'track 2', etc. Can you tell me why this is so? " My response: What you are referring to is a feature called "CD Text". You can only burn Track Titles on a standard audio CD if: a) both your CD ... (view more)

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CD Burner won't write at maximum recording speed?, Part 2

Last week, Ben M. from Australia wrote about a problem he was having with his 40x CD burner not being able to write at maximum speed under Windows XP. Ben's main problem: both Roxio Easy CD Creator and Nero Burning ROM (CD burning software) only ... allow the burner to write at 16x instead of 40x write speed. Ben's computer is running Windows XP with 256 meg RAM on a 1.7 GHz machine and a 40 gig [7200 RPM] hard drive. In short, here's what Ben has already tried: Replaced the burner with another (same model / brand); Changed the buffer size for CDFS (CD File System) under Windows XP; Updated both ... (view more)

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