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Sony Unveils Petite but Pricey 'Lifestyle PC'

Sony has finally unveiled its first netbook just in time for the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. About the same size as your average bottle of Coca-cola , it's tiny, slim, and surprisingly expensive. As expected, smaller, cheaper, ... and portable laptops -- otherwise known as 'netbooks' -- have stolen the spotlight from glitzy televisions and Blu-ray players at the 2009 CES. However, Sony's Vaio P Series Lifestyle PC is breaking the mould, at least in part. Though it's definitely small (no longer than a mousepad and about as thin as your everyday cell phone), the size of the ... (view more)

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New HP Netbook Offers High Performance For Less

Think you can't afford a laptop this Christmas for that overachieving son or daughter headed to university next year? Think again. The mini-notebook market continues to expand, after news that Hewlett-Packard will release their own version soon. ... Mini-notebooks, or Netbooks, are slightly smaller than the average 15.4" or 14" laptops. They're also much cheaper, sometimes half as expensive as the average big-box store fare. HP's new netbook, the Mini 1000, actually sells for a whole lot less than its name might lead you to believe -- interested consumers can pick one up for just $400, about the ... (view more)


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