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Nissan Smartwatch Tracks Vehicle, Driver Health

Nissan has become the latest firm to unveil a 'smartwatch'. In this case, the unique selling point is that the device can track your health, as well as the health of your car. Smartwatches, which use mobile Internet connections to power special ... features, appear to be one of this year's big tech tends. Samsung has already revealed a smartwatch called 'Galaxy Gear,' while Apple is reportedly working on a similar device. Nissan Watch Can Track Your Health Nissan's proposed 'Nismo' smartwatch has two main sets of features. The first is health-based, and uses the watch and strap to measure and ... (view more)

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Nissan Car Parks Itself, Catches Would-Be Thieves

A prototype car offers self-driving technology with a twist: valet-style parking. The Nissan vehicle, which is codenamed NSC-2015, can also foil thieves by streaming live footage of a potential break-in. This new model was recently shown off by ... Nissan at a tech conference in Tokyo. Several companies are already working on driverless cars. However, in the few locations where their use is or will be allowed, laws say a driver must be inside the vehicle to take over in case of a malfunction. Nissan could circumvent these laws if the feature is used only on private land, such as driveways and ... (view more)

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