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Nook Trounces Kindle Fire, iPad in Screen Test

Tablet computers were among this past holiday season's hottest sellers, with many consumers opting for the budget-priced Amazon Kindle Fire or the feature-laden Apple iPad . A recent test revealed, however, that both these devices fall short when it ... comes to screen reflectance, making their displays much harder to read than that of the experiment's clear winner: the Barnes ... (view more)

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Barnes & Noble Slams Microsoft for Patent Abuse

Microsoft has been accused of patent abuse by Barnes & Noble by allegedly preventing manufacturers from using Google's Android operating system (OS), a product which competes with the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. The accusation comes ... just over a month after Microsoft filed suit against Barnes & Noble company for allegedly infringing on a number of patents with its new Nook e-reader device. Microsoft Declares 5 Ways Nook Infringes on Patent Back in March, Microsoft accused Barnes ... (view more)

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