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Using the Office Assistant: MS Excel

The Office Assistant provides help when you need to know how to do something in Excel. This help is available at the click of a button and in every dialog box. You can ask a question, or you can look through the table of contents or index for ... relevant topics. Sometimes the Office Assistant suggests ways to help before you even ask for it. You can get help four ways: Click the Office Assistant, if it's available. Click the Help button on the toolbar or in the dialog box. Choose an item from the Help menu. Press the F1 key. When you're looking for an answer, you don't have to ask someone else ... (view more)

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Some Days You Feel Like a Paper Clip, Some Days You Don't!

Do you remember Clippy, the annoying Office Assistant for MS Word? If you're running MS Word 2003, you can change the Office Assistant to reflect your mood. Just follow these steps: If the Office Assistant is not visible on your screen asking what ... you want to know, press F1 or click your Help button on your toolbar and select Show Office Assistant. Right-click on the Office Assistant. MS Word will then display a Context menu. Select Choose Assistant from the Context menu. The Office Assistant dialog box will appear. Click on the Gallery tab. Scroll through the available Office Assistant ... (view more)

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