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Microsoft Finds Extra Revenue in Domain Renewal Fees

Microsoft has some bad news for those who signed up for the Office Live Small Business service before February 2008. These people will now have to pay an additional fee to renew all web domains acquired through the service. This is not the first ... time that Microsoft has requested payment for domain renewals. In February 2008 the company started charging new customers $14.95 USD for each new web domain. Up until now, those who signed up for the Office Live Small Business service before February 2008 were exempt from paying any additional fee. In the Interest of Fairness... Now, all Office Live ... (view more)

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Access Office Documents from Anywhere

Microsoft is in the process of finalizing a new online buddy for their popular Office programs. The service allows users to store, share and comment on documents. Ironically, the only thing missing is the ability to create new files. While the ... resource is called Microsoft Office Live Workspace, the website is not exactly "live" at all. Users hoping to get an early start on the program will be required to sign up to become part of an early beta test. A select number of those tested will be allowed to start using the service at some point this year. (Source: ) Office Live Workspace ... (view more)

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Microsoft Sued for Trademark Infringement on 'Office Live'

I wonder if Microsoft knew all of the roadblocks it would run into when it decided to pursue the "Live" moniker? Recently, Microsoft came under some heat from emailers frustrated at the company's decision to change "Windows Live Mail" to "Windows ... Live Hotmail." The name game drama has not stopped for Microsoft, which has recently been slapped with a lawsuit claiming trademark infringement on the name "Office Live." A company called Office Live filed the lawsuit last Friday, asking courts to grant an injunction against Microsoft using the name for its online office and web application suite. ( ... (view more)

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Windows Live Office: Overview

The Windows Live initiative is a fascinating adventure which I've written about previously and includes many different products: mostly online tools. See: Windows Lives beyond Your Computer in 'Web 2.0' Windows Live: Is it Worth It? Windows Live: Is ... it Worth It?, Part 2 In coming months, we will be seeing familiar things taking on this new name and offer additional features. Spaces at MSN (an entity in the blogging industry) is due to morph into "Live Spaces", and the beloved MSN Messenger will be transforming to "Live Messenger." In this article, I want to overview ... (view more)

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