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Google Ads: Off the Web and Into Your Newspaper

Since the launch of the highly successful AdSense campaign, Google has been synonymous with online advertising. Thanks to a new initiative that will merge online and print ads, Google is making the leap from the screen to the printed page and ... hosting ads in a newspaper near you. Google's new Print Ad program will allow organizations with an existing AdSense account to convert their campaigns to print format with just a few mouse clicks. Advertisers will be able to search for ad space within over six hundred international newspapers. Linking online ads with print media could cause a ... (view more)

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AOL is Watching

AOL wants to enhance its online advertising business by partnering with Tacoda, a company that offers ads based on a person's online behaviour. Tacoda was founded in New York in 2001. It caters to well-known publishing clients such as The New York ... Times, and has more than 4,000 websites in its ad network. Tacoda's job is carried out in a series of steps. First, the online behaviour of Internet users is evaluated across a wide number of sites. This task is done in order to determine the active and passive interests of visitors. Next, the online audience is divided according to these interests ... (view more)

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