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Analog Satellite Technology Goes the Way of the Dodo

Do you subscribe to OnStar or use an old analog-based cellular phone? This next story might have you fuming. For those of us old enough to remember the coming of the Motorola Flip phone and its predecessors, analog satellite technology was the ... original network that made the cellular phone possible. In fact, some people argue that an analog phone is superior because it gets better reception and clarity than current digital technologies. Nevertheless -- if you are the owner of one of these devices, the end is near. As of February 2008, the analog phone network is scheduled to be shutdown per U. ... (view more)

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Microsoft Tellme To Compete With OnStar

Microsoft has reportedly begun showing U.S. automakers Tellme, an alternative software for in-car navigation and assistance currently being offered exclusively by General Motor Corp.'s OnStar communications service. The technology was obtained by ... Microsoft in May, when the company acquired Tellme Networks Inc., a phone software company. Microsoft recently displayed the voice-recognition software, which allows mobile phone users to receive spoken data from a database, at an auto industry conference. Please, 'Tellme': How does it work? The Tellme service would connect through a Bluetooth- ... (view more)

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