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AutoImager Review

Synopsis: Got a bunch of pictures that need to be converted into another graphic format? AutoImager is a full-featured batch image converter and editor software application. AutoImage is very user friendly because it's completely 'interface-driven' ... -- simply pick the files you wish to convert or process, choose the options for the conversion or processing task, and you're ready to begin! All operations can be performed in batch mode for an entire list of selected images, and multiple filters can be applied to a single image in one batch conversion! This makes AutoImager a unique and a very ... (view more)

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GhostSurf Pro Review

Several "clean up" programs on the market today are designed to eliminate Spyware* and other tracking devices after a computer has already become infected. GhostSurf Pro, on the other hand, prevents Spyware from infecting a PC (before it can ever ... take place) and provides a wide array of security features which allows users to surf the world wide web with varying degrees of anonymity. Side Note: Spyware is software which records information about you or your computer usage (without your knowledge) and then relays this information to a third party -- quite often, for marketing ... (view more)

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How Do I Export My Address Book Contacts?, Part 2

Yesterday , I detailed instructions on how to export / import contact information from the Address Book. Essentially, this allows users to make a copy of their address book: either for backup purposes, or to import contacts onto another computer. ... The instructions I gave were done using Windows XP (Service Pack 1) with Internet Explorer / Outlook Express 6. Today, I received email from two users who claim to have similar problems with the Address Book program. John L. writes: " I followed your instructions but the import and export options would not highlight. Is it because I'm using ... (view more)

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Outlook Express has removed access to unsafe attachments, Part 2

With regards to the last issue of the Gazettte newsletter, I received many responses. Here's a few more workarounds: Infopackets Reader Chris B. writes: " As you suggest in the last newsletter, Using the Internet Explorer Unsafe File List to Filter ... E-mail Attachments: Start Outlook Express, and then on the Tools menu, click Options. Click the Security tab, and then click to select the Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus check box under Virus Protection. This option is not enabled by default. If you enable this option, Outlook Express uses the ... (view more)


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