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US Gov't Attempted to Hush Whistleblower Site, Report Says

The U.S. government is being accused of attempting to deliberately take down the whistle-blowing website, approximately two years ago. This virtual David versus Goliath war came to life after a 32-page classified document written by ... the Department of Defense (DoD) Intelligence Analysis program was posted on Wikileaks. The document, which was dated March 2008, speaks of the "counterintelligence threat posed to the U.S. Army by the website." The document accentuates the fact that there is the "possibility that a current employee or mole within the Department of ... (view more)

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MS Shuts Down Whistleblower Site after 'Spy Guide' Leak

In response to claims of copyright infringement, web site "" was recently (and temporarily) shut down after the site posted an internal document outlining details on how Microsoft manages logs of user activity. (Source: ) Web ... proprietor John Young filed a counterclaim a day after Microsoft filed its Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice, arguing that he had a fair use to publish the document, a full day before the deadline was set by Network Solutions, his hosting provider. Temporarily Shut Down Network Solutions shut down ... (view more)

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Google Accused of Wrongly Identifying Websites as Dangerous

An education service center in southeast Kansas -- Greenbush -- has been called "harmful" and a "risk" to visit. However, those labels aren't being applied to the brick-and-mortar facility. Rather, they're in reference to Greenbush's website. If you ... access through Google, the site doesn't immediately come up. Instead, the following warning appears in its place: "Warning -- visiting this web site may harm your computer! You can learn more about harmful web content and how to protect your computer at Suggestions: - Return to the previous page and pick another ... (view more)

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Online in Rural India: Village of Hansdehar Establishes Web Presence

Welcome to Hansdehar, India. It's a tiny rural village with a population of only 1,753. Unemployment, erratic electricity, no pharmacy, and a lack of help from the Indian government are among the problems Hansdehar's poor residents are suffering ... through. (Sources: and ) To combat these problems, Hansdehar has established its own website. will help expose the area to its own neglectful government -- and the rest of the world. Now things might finally begin to change for the little village that could. "It will be a revolution," insists farmer Ajaib ... (view more)

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