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Organize E-Mail Accounts In One Location...Even Off-line

Have you ever anticipated an important email, but found yourself in a location where no WiFi service was available? How about having to be away from your inbox for a few days? Just the thought of having all of those messages build up, only to ... extract one or two relevant ones...what a time-waster! Yahoo has revealed plans to help users manage their email accounts by making their popular email service available on the desktop. The program is called Yahoo Zimbra Desktop and will work with Yahoo Mail, AOL and Google Gmail (in addition to other small business email services) in an effort to ... (view more)

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Music Collector Review

Synopsis: Are you a music collector? Do you find it difficult to organize your collection or often have a hard time finding "just the right song"? In that case, you need Music Collector -- the amazing super-music organizer on steroids! With Music ... Collector, you can: download track lists of your music CDs directly to your computer (without typing!), organize your MP3s, LPs, cassettes and mini-discs, download CD covers, search your music database, print CD and track lists, sort your lists, and much, much more! Music Collector: Screenshots Click to view: Page 1 | Page 2. Music Collector: ... (view more)

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Organize cluttered Start Menu?

Infopackets Reader Diane M. writes: " Dear Dennis, When I go to Start -> Programs, the list is so big, I find it hard to navigate and find the application that I want to launch. Is there a way I can organize the information in my Start Menu? " My ... response: Yes. Click Start -> place mouse over top of Programs Folder, then right-click the mouse and choose 'Explore All Users'. An Explorer Window will appear; simply organize your list of programs into a hierarchy and delete the ones you don't need. Note that deleting the icons in your Start Menu will not remove the program from ... (view more)

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Organize Favorites in Internet Explorer

Today's Feature Article about Sorting Favorites in Internet Explorer spurred some further thoughts about organization. I decided to write a separate "how to" article in this section of the newsletter because the two topics -- although slightly ... related -- deserve separate space. Cleaning up items: using Explorer instead of the Organize Favorites option I mentioned earlier that there is an option in the Favorites Menu which allows for the manual manipulation of bookmarks. The Organize Favorites option houses 4 basic operations: Create Folder, Rename, Delete, and Move to Folder. ... (view more)

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