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'Set Owner 1.0', and 'Active Directory Editor'

Set Owner 1.0 Set Owner 1.0 is a mini utility that lets you quickly and safely change the registered owner and organization in Windows (the information you see when you run Winver command). Portable and simple to use, Set Owner 1.0 has been tested ... on Win XP and Win 7. http://www.leelusoft.blogspot.com Active Directory Editor This utility will load the Active Directory user account attributes for the Domain you are currently logged in to. All three attribute types, Standard, Mandatory and Optional are loaded. Also added is the ability to use different values for each account changed in ... (view more)

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'PDF Owner Guard', and 'Windows Command-Line Utilities'

PDF Owner Guard PDF Owner Guard provides PDF (portable document format) security, copy protection, digital rights management (DRM) and a distribution management solution. Together, these technologies are used as a copyright enforcement mechanisms ... and sometimes as an alternative mechanism to copyright law. http://www.armjisoft.com Windows Command-Line Utilities This useful group of tools promises to make your Windows command line experience a much more convenient one. Included are: VSP: Very Small Pinger, SCRNMODE: Screen Mode Changer, RMMINUSR: Recursive Delete, DOFF: Print Date/Time With ... (view more)

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