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Explained: Can I remove Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable?

Infopackets Reader John G. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have about having six different versions of Microsoft's Visual C++ Redistributable Package installed on my system (both in 32-bit and 64-bit versions), as listed in my Windows Control Panel via the ... Programs and Features. Can I remove any of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages, or do I need all of them? " My response: The answer to this question is similar to the question I received about having multiple instances of .NET framework installed on the system . In short: it's not advisable that you uninstall any of your C++ ... (view more)

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Netflix Customers Move Online; ISPs Overwhelmed

It's likely going to be many years before people stop buying movies on DVD. But rental giant Netflix is not only preparing for that day, but attempting to bring it closer. The company has announced that it will, for the first time in the US, be ... offering a special package that only allows users to stream rented titles over the Internet, with no option to obtain discs. To encourage users to make the switch, the new package will be $7.99 a month (the lowest ever offered by the company), while the price of the packages that include getting discs by mail will rise by at least $1 a month. The price ... (view more)

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Announcing The Google Pack

For those that have had to reinstall Windows XP or have purchased a new computer with it pre-installed, getting a good selection of software to start with is sometimes a time daunting task. Google has done something about it, however. The Google ... Staff Engineers went through dozens of software packages and built a collection of software tools, utilities, and toys that are automatically updated for you -- and it's called Google Pack. Google states that the versions on some software may lag behind a version on some software packages, but that is only because the engineering staff check out each ... (view more)

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